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Hi Current Relays


A relay is an electronically operated switch that is remotely activated by an electromagnet which pulls a set of contacts to either make or break a circuit. Relays are commonly used for – among other functions – switching signals, radio frequencies, high current circuits when using a lower current circuit, and loads such as resistive, motor, lamp, inductive, and capacitive applications. This is helpful when an in-line switch or existing circuit does not have the capacity to handle the required current.

Functions of Relays

  • Galvanic separation of the primary or actuating circuit and load circuits
  • Single-input/multiple-output capability
  • Separation of different load circuits for multi-pole relays
  • Separation of AC and DC circuits
  • Interface between electronic and power circuits
  • Multiple switching operations – time delay, signal condition, among others
  • Serves as an amplifier

High Current Relays: Safely connect and disconnect

High-current relays are a common type of electromechanical relay used to switch and carry high currents. Those relays are often either connected directly to load cables by screwing connections or mounted onto a lead-frame. Automotive high-current relays are engineered for use in vehicle batteries, battery management, battery disconnection, start/stop systems, high performance electrical heaters, and drives and pumps for system voltages up to 48V and currents up to 200A within the automotive market.

** Used for Smart Alternator DC2DC Charger Installs**

** Used for Dual DC2DC Charger Installs**


Enerdrive Part NumberAlternate Part NoArrangementRated VoltageCoilCircuitLimited Continuous Current
R-P2512150HDV23132-E2001-A2001 form C, 1CO12VDC12VDCCOR23°C, Load Cables 16mm2, 130A
1 form X, 1 NO DM 24VDC24VDCNOBRR
23°C, Load Cables 16mm2, 130A
R-P141275HDV23232-A0001-X0051 form A, 1 NO with resistor12VDC12VDCNOR23°C, Load Cables 16mm2, 75A
R-1670916-KITSense Lead Connector for R-P2512150HD
R-50126Sense Lead Connector Kit Suit R-P1424150HD