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Power Calculators

Power your next adventure with the Enerdrive | Dometic Power Calculators! Easily calculate your power needs for both mobile batteries and solar setups. Start your trip right with these handy tools. Happy travels!

Combined Calculators

Lithium Battery Calculator

Lithium Battery Calculator
Calculate how many hours your battery will last. Based on lithium battery nominal voltage (V) = 12.8 Volts. Calculations are an approximation only. Multiple charge sources (e.g. MPPT Solar, DC2DC Battery Charger) will increase battery duration.

RV & Caravan Solar Panel Calculator
Calculate how many Ah will be put back into your battery per day. Calculations are an approximation only and based on seasonal sunlight. Eg. Summer = 6 hours, Winter = 5 hours, Midway = 5.5 hours.