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CMS 230VAC Plug N Play



CMS Electracom manufacture a range of DIY AC power points and cables that can be soft wired together. CMS products allow the DIY builder to fit many of the 230V cables and power points into the walls of a Motorhome, Caravan, Commercial Vehicle or 4WD Canopies during construction, and therefore limit the onsite time of a qualified electrician to the final inspection and testing.

How it works

A standard set-up would include the CMS Power Inlet that accepts 230V power into your RV via a 15amp extension lead. A CMS 16A Circuit Breaker that has a loom connection is then plugged into the Power Inlet then off to the first power point. A second loom connection cable then also connects to the rear of the first Power Point and heads off to the next Power Point. This continues around the RV.

The last power point in a line uses the inlet only and the outlet stays available for future use. You can also end the circuit with an external outlet for use outside under your awning. All power points include double pole switches to comply with Recreational Vehicle requirements. Lights and light switches are now almost always installed as 12V and can be installed safely by most DIY builders so are not included in the CMS range.

You can also place a double adapter into the loom, or at the junction of two cables. From here you can branch a new line off the original. This is ideal if you need a low and high power point on one wall, or you wish to start a new line on the other side of the RV or have a dedicated line strictly from the inlet for things like Battery Charger, Hot Water or Air Conditioning.

All CMS components we sell comply with Australian and NZ standards for installation in Recreational vehicles. AS/NZ 3112, AS/NZ 61535.1 Int):2001 AS/NZ 3000:2000, 250V 50HZ 20amp. A maximum of 10 double or 12 single points can be included in a single circuit.

As mentioned above a 16amp circuit breaker or 16amp RCD must be included in each electrical circuit. These components are now used by a number of Australia RV manufacturers due to their ease of use.

In designing your cable requirements and installation be mindful that each cable has sealed ends that measures 25mm x 16mm. So if it cannot be installed before sheeting, it must be able to be fitted through frame members. All cables have a female and male end to prevent errors in connecting the cables.

All fittings have a security clip so once connected they require manual manipulation to separate. Each Power Point requires a recess depth of 32mm. Mounting blocks are available where the Power Point cannot be recessed as described. The cables have an outer sheath and when placed within walls should allow extra length for removal of the Power Point in case replacement is required.

If you are looking for a system, contact Enerdrive to discuss your requirements and allow us to create the best and simplest setup for your application.


Part NoDescription
CMS-150MM-LEAD150mm Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-250MM-LEAD250mm Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-500MM-LEAD500mm Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-750MM-LEAD750mm Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-1M-LEAD1.0m Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-2M-LEAD2.0m Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-2.5M-LEAD2.5m Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-3M-LEAD3.0m Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-4M-LEAD4.0m Connection Lead "C" Style
CMS-5M-LEAD5.0m Connection Lead "C" Style
Power Points & Inlets/Outlets
CMS-C16.2WT'C' Type Double GPO - White
CMS-CMBWT-MODMounting Spacer to suit 'C' Type GPO
CMS-CIL15BK15A AC Power External Inlet - Black
CMS-CIL15WT15A AC Power External Inlet - White
CMS-COL10BK10A AC Power External Outlet - Black
CMS-COL10WT10A AC Power External Outlet - White
RCD Safety Switches & Splitters
CMS-RCBO-INLET-BK15A AC Power External Inlet & 16A RCD IP44 - Black
CMS-RCBO-INLET-WH15A AC Power External Inlet & 16A RCD IP44 - White
CMS-CCBNW-A"C" Style to "C" Style RCD 16A inc Earth Lead
CMS-RCD-C3.1"C" Style to "C" Style RCD 16A inc M.E.N (Inverter Out)
CMS-C3DWTAC Splitter 1 In / 2 Out
CMS-C3EWTAC Splitter 1 In / 3 Out