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If you spot 2 tiny people in one giant Chev, more than likely dragging stools around to reach into the canopy, you’ve probably found Miriam & Chris. These guys are two small people with one mantra –  ‘LIVE BIG!’

‘In October of 2020, we packed up our house, sold everything that didn’t fit into our caravan and said goodbye to what has been our ‘normal life’ for years. The freedom that comes with this lifestyle is hard to explain and incredible to experience. The soul becomes lighter and happier as the stresses of the daily grind become a distant memory. Tasmania next month? Ok! Northern Territory April next year? Sure – why not? And then … South Australia or WA? Or perhaps a trip back to visit the family? Who knows …? We don’t – and we love it this way.’

Miriam & Chris have been part of the Enerdrive family for years now and love the freedom that comes with having a full off-grid setup. (Check out their current setups here).

When they first started adventuring back in 2012, the power systems in the home-made camper trailer, roof top tents, 2 Jayco caravans and 3 Hilux’s (yes, they’ve had a few different set ups!) really kept them on their toes. They managed, but it was a bit of a challenge as free camping has always been their passion.


When things ‘got serious’ and they upgraded to a full off-road caravan, discussions with Enerdrive began. A 300aH Pro Series was installed in the caravan and a 200aH BTec was installed in the Hilux. This was a game changer for these 2 adventure seekers! Their 5-night trips to Moreton Island in the rooftop became simple, and the longer caravan trips a dream.

The original tow vehicle (for the off-road caravan) for the ADUCREW was a 2016 Toyota Hilux fitted out with a Buds Customs Canopy and Enerdrive system.

Within 12 months, they had once again upgraded to what is their now current set up –  a 22’6” Titanium Southern Star Hardcore towed by a 2019 Chevy Silverado. Check out the caravan here.

The Chev has been a work in progress and thanks to COVID, still isn’t complete. They are holding off on a build video until then, but for now, you can read about their GCI Traytec Canopy and Enerdrive System here.

This system (in the Chev) allows Miriam & Chris to power their upright Dometic fridge, double induction cooktop, microwave, canopy lights, pumps and accessories, powers the Alucab rooftop tent plus they can recharge all the camera gear and batteries when they are driving or parked up.

Miriam & Chris love getting off-grid and still having all the luxuries of a powered site; hair dryer, straightener, coffee machine, induction cook top, air fryer, Thermomix and even air conditioning/heating…all with no power connected to the van.



Enerdrive and GCI Traytec’s design teams have worked together to create a fully integrated lithium battery power system. This entire system is housed on the driver’s side front wall. The system consists of the following:
 BTEC 200AH Generation 2 Lithium Battery (located under false floor)
 ePower DC2DC Charger capable of producing in excess of 40 amp per hour while traveling and supporting up to 800watts of solar.
 ePower Battery Charger that charges at a rate of 60 amps per hour via mains power or generator.
 ePower Inverter – suitable for running 240V household appliances rated to up to 2000W, complete with remote switch & RCD.
 Simarine Battery Monitoring System.
• External GPO in between spare wheels
• 6 x double GPOs
• 6 x double USB sockets
• 1 x standard 12v socket
• 2 x Anderson plug sockets

To check out the gear in action, be sure to check out Aussie Destination Unknown’s tour of Tassie below!

2022 UPDATE:

Recently teaming up with Titanium Caravans to launch a brand new completely gas-less, diesel/electric model caravan called the Destination X, has called for a re-think on what system and solar setup would best suit. It was decided that twin 300aH B-Tecs, a 2600w inverter and twin tri-star controllers topped off with a whopping 1.45kw of solar on the roof was the way to go. Miriam & Chris have been living full time in the new van for quite a while and find this system more than capable of not only keeping them powered up, but with all that solar, the batteries replenish quickly. With this system, on a sunny day, they can run the air conditioner WHILE simultaneously charging the batteries!



In Part 1 – The Build, we take you through the full caravan build from creation of the Cruisemaster Suspension and S&M Chassis, right through each part of the process in the Titanium Caravans factory in Campbellfield.

In Part 2, we introduce you to the Titanium Destination X and run you through the external feature.

In Part 3, we take you on a tour inside and walk you through the changes we’ve made. We explain how it all works and why we’ve chosen what we have including a run down on our Enerdrive system.