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Enerdrive Tank Senders



Enerdrive do a selection of Rod Style and Pressure tank senders to suit virtually any tank shape. Ranging from 150mm to 500mm in Rod Style and up to 3m depths in Pressure Senders.

S3 Rod Style:

The S3 sender is an innovative solution for monitoring the level of fuel and/or water tanks in boats, trucks, coaches, caravans and recreational vehicles.

With the float as the only moving external part, the S3 designed with longevity, durability and performance in mind. Constructed in AISI 316 stainless steel it’s suitable for a wide range of mediums including, diesel, petrol, oil, potable and grey water.

Mounts via a 1 1/4″ BSP pipe fitting and can be simply screwed into the top of a matching tank. The connection cable has a sealed entry into the top of the sender for water resistance. A 5 hole mounting flange adapter is available for thin wall tanks that are not suitable for screw threads.

Pressure Sender:

Enerdrive SI-TPS is from a series of High Performance compact pressure senders. These transmit by using a ASIC signal conditioning chip and dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor. it has features of anti-corrosion, anti wear, shock resistance and vibration resistance. In addition to the general range of sensors, it’s most outstanding characteristic is the positive and negative gauge pressure function.




EN-TS-# Rod Style SendersDescription
Lengths150 - 500mm (25mm Increments)
Output240-33 Ohms
Wire ConnectionBlue: Input/Common Negative
Black: Signal Output
Housing MaterialStainless Steel 316
Ingress ProtectionIP67
Mounting PositionMounted in top of the Tank.
Mounting Type1-1/4 BSP Thread.
Mounting Adapter Accessory (Sold Separately)1 ¼" BSP thread to Dual 5 Hole Pattern Adapter.
Converts to SAE 5 hole or VDO 5 hole pattern for retro-fitting
SI-TPS-# Pressure SendersDescription
Pressure TypeGauge
Input Power Supply9V-32V
Output0.5-5.0V, 2 Meter Cable
Sensor Output Voltage5V, Min 3V/Max 5.5V
Wire ConnectionRed: Input Positive 9-32V
Black: Input/Common Negative 9-32V
Yellow: Signal Output
Temperature Range-45...85C
Housing MaterialStainless Steel 304
Ingress ProtectionIP67
Tank Depth RangesSI-TPS-01, 0-500mm
SI-TPS-02, 0-1000mm
SI-TPS-03, 0-3000mm
Mounting PositionHorizontal in the low side of the tank or Vertical in the outlet pipe before the pump. Do not mount on bottom of tank.
Mounting Type1/4 BSP Thread - 25mm Hexagon