Simarine Digital Monitoring System

Our NSW Rep Westy takes us through some of the viewing features of the Simarine monitoring system via the Simarine App available for use with iOS and Android devices. A Polaris head unit has been installed in our 2019 Hilux Dual Cab which allows for Android Apps to be directly installed on the unit. The head unit is then WIFI linked to the Simarine in the canopy of the vehicle allowing all of the data to be shown in the Cab of the Hilux.


SIMARINE PICO sets new standards for marine battery and tank monitors in fields of design, functionality, connectivity and ease of use.

PICO’s display unit is made of a sleek anodized aluminum casing and a thick Gorilla® Glass with Anti-Reflective coating protecting the optically bonded high-contrast 3.5 inch IPS LCD display. It’s water and dust proof and can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. The screen brightness is automatically adjusted with a light sensor. The device is operated by four water tolerant CapSense® touch buttons.

The Pico system provides you with a simple overview of all important details regarding your battery (voltage, current, amp hours, battery capacity in%, battery temperature) and also tank level and temperature indications.

Its expandable architecture allows adding up to 20 x SIMARINE shunts and modules to monitor up to 6 x battery banks, 14 x tanks, 10 temperatures, 20 x independent consumer and generators and 1 x Inclinometer sensor with pitch and roll readings. The barograph gives precise air-pressure readings, trends, and history.

ACTIVE BATTERY SHUNT MODULES: The SC Series of high precision active digital shunt/s available for the system can monitor currents up to 500A on 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V and 72V systems. Up to six shunts can be used to monitor up to six battery banks on a PICO system.

TANK LEVEL MODULES: Highly versatile ST Series digital module for monitoring up to 7 tank levels, 3 battery voltages and 4 temperatures. Up to three ST107 modules can be connected to a PICO system.

QUADRO DIGITAL SHUNT MODULES: The SCQ25 & SCQ50 highly versatile digital shunt modules for monitoring consumer devices and/or generators from 25A up to 50A current per channel. The channels can be combined to reach higher amperage if necessary. Additionally, the SCQ25T allows monitoring 7 tank levels, 3 battery voltages and 4 temperatures. Up to four SCQ25/SCQ25T modules can be connected to a PICO system.

Free SIMARINE Android and iOS Apps:

Simarine offers a free App to connect your PICO display to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The Apps allow you to monitor all battery and tank data, upload history, edit and restore settings and even upgrade the firmware with new features.