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Morningstar SunLight Controller


  • Provides 10 lighting options – User adjustable for 2 to 10 hours on or for on all night. Unique ON/OFF/ON settings conserve energy and turns light on again for 1 or 2 hours before sunrise. Timer accuracy is within 2 seconds.
  • Easy to install – To confirm correct installation, test button turns light on during the day and LED indicates selected lighting option.
  • Rugged industrial design – Epoxy encapsulated electronics, marine rated terminals and anodized aluminium case.


ModelSL-10SL-20SL-10 & SL-20 24 V
System Voltage12 V12 V24 V
Maximum Voltage30 V30 V50 V
Rated Solar Input10A20An/a
PV Short Circuit Rating12.5A25An/a
Rated Load10A20An/a
25% Current Overload5 minutes5 minutesn/a
Regulation Voltage:
Sealed PWM14.1 V14.1 V28.2 V
Flooded PWM14.4 V14.4 V28.8 V
LVD11.7 V11.7 V23.4 V
LVD Reconnect12.8 V12.8 V25.6 V
Temp Compensation-27 mV/°C-27 mV/°C-54 mV/°C
Self consumption8 mA8 mA9 mA
Ambient Operating Temperature–40°C to +60°C
Dimensions16.8 x 5.5 x 3.4 cm
Warranty5 years


DescriptionSL-10SL-2024 V
DIN Rail ClipsYesYesYes

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