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LMI “Little Block” Fuse Holder


Cooper Bussmann now offers a heavy duty fuse panel called the LMI “Little Block”. The LMI is used for main branch primary fusing and accepts multiple (up to six) industry standard AMI fuses. Sold by component, the LMI uses a common input & bus bar for assemblies of two or more fuses.

The LMI provides efficient power distribution suitable for many “under the hood” applications such as:

  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Caravan / RV
  • Specialty Vehicles
  • Trucking / Bus


Part #Description
I-LMI-F-MModular Fuse Holder (Fuse Module)
I-LMI-I-MModular Input Section (Input Module)
I-B109-7046-2Modular Midi Bussbar 1 Fuse
I-B109-7046-3Modular Midi Bussbar 3 Position
I-B109-7046-4Modular Midi Bussbar 4 Position
I-B109-7046-5Modular Midi Bussbar 5 Position
I-B109-7046-6Modular Midi Bussbar 6 Position
I-B109-7046-7Modular Midi Bussbar 7 Position

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