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Fuse Block, Rear Entry Panel Mount 6 In 6 Out with LEDs



Fuse Block Panel Mount 6 In 6 Out with LEDs

  • Panel Mount 6 in – 6 out fuse block with rear connections.
  • Suits ATO/ATC Blade Fuses
  • 32V 50Amp Max – 20Amp Max per circuit
  • Fuse blown LED’s for easy fault finding.
  • Panel mount with rear connections and cover make this fuse block ideal for canopy installs.
  • Includes linking cable for grouping inputs together along with two label sets.
  • Includes two label sets.
  • Retail Packaging



Fuse Block Panel Mount 1 In 6 Out with LEDs
Maximum Amperage20A per circuit
100A per block
Maximum Voltage32V DC
Mounting8″ Screw [M4]
Positive InputSpade Terminals, Rear
Positive OutputSpade Terminals, Rear
Recommended Torque24 in-lb (2.71 N.m)
Weight0.18 kg
Size92 x 87 x 61mm