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CZone RV1 Module



RV1 is CZone’s first dedicated digital switching and integration module for recreational & specialty vehicles. RV1 features an impressive 76 input and output channels including 8 reversing motor channels for direct control of slide outs, awnings, shades and levelling systems. RV1 also includes the latest smart switching technology, built-in battery monitoring and multiple network interfaces for seamless 3rd party system integration. By consolidating the functionality of multiple CZone modules into one compact unit, RV1 reduces system cost, complexity and installation time. RV1 enables RV builders to meet customer expectations for smart, automated and connected systems at an affordable price point.

The RV1 uses RV-C cabling. RV-C is a CAN-based communication profile for recreation vehicles. It was developed by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) in the USA.

  • Dedicated RV-C components that use an unsealed Pin & Socket (Molex/Val-u-lock compatible) connector
  • Direct compatibility to recent CZone devices designed for RV with RV-C interfaces, including Touch 7 and other future products

Features of the RV Module;

  • Compact footprint, 70% smaller than equivalent legacy CZone system
  • 36 Output and 8 Reversing Motor (H-Bridge) channels
  • 32 Signal Inputs for 0-32V, 0-1000Ω sensors and pos/neg switches
  • PWM and smooth start on all outputs
  • Current monitoring, software fusing and low/run current detection all outputs
  • Internal battery monitoring (SOC, Volts, Amps, Time Remaining)
  • 12/24V system support and sleep mode (<5mA)
  • CZone, RV-C, CAN & LIN Bus network interfaces built-in
  • Auto Generator Start and Load Shedding capabilities
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • P/N CZ-80-911-0221-00