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360 Panel Rocker Switches


Part Listings and Specifications

Part #Pole ThrowTerminal TypeAction ( ) = MomentaryAmp Max Operating
12V DC
Amp Max Operating
24V DC
Amp Max Operating
250V DC
BS-7480SPSTQuick ConnectOFF-ON10 Amps10 Amps10 Amps
BS-7481SPSTQuick ConnectOFF-(ON)10 Amps10 Amps6 Amps
BS-7482SPDTQuick ConnectON-OFF-ON10 Amps8 Amps8 Amps
BS-7483SPDTQuick Connect(ON)-OFF-ON10 Amps8 Amps8 Amps
BS-7484SPDTQuick Connect(ON)-OFF-(ON)10 Amps8 Amps8 Amps
BS-7485SPDTQuick Connect(ON)-OFF-(ON)10 Amps8 Amps8 Amps
BS-7490DPSTWire LeadsOFF-ON5 Amps5 Amps4 Amps
BS-7491DPDTWire LeadsON-ON5 Amps5 Amps4 Amps
BS-7492DPDTWire LeadsON-OFF-ON5 Amps5 Amps4 Amps
BS-7493DPDTWire LeadsON-(ON)5 Amps5 Amps4 Amps
BS-7494DPDTWire Leads(ON)-OFF-ON5 Amps5 Amps4 Amps
BS-7495DPDTWire Leads(ON)-OFF-(ON)5 Amps5 Amps4 Amps

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.