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There is an old saying, “Why build a better Mouse Trap”.

If it works and does the job, why do you need to go out of your way, spend time and resources to make it better?

Well at Enerdrive we were stuck with this idea for a very long time when it came to installing Power Inverters into applications such as caravans and boats. You see in permanent installed inverter applications there is a need for an inbuilt Automatic AC transfer switch to allow the on-board power points to be active when away from a mains power supply – common sense and a blessing for a customer who has made the investment for an on-board Power Inverter.

But In-built Automatic AC Transfer switches require hardwired AC connections, and hardwired AC connections require the use of a licenced 240vac electrician to work on. This is OK at a factory level where there would be a licenced sparky contracted or on staff – but what happens to the end customer IF they have a problem somewhere out and about and the inverter needs to be sent off for repair???

If you don’t know the first thing about AC electrical wiring, this becomes a serious safety hazard and can become a nightmare to resolve for both Enerdrive, and our customers. And from almost 20 years of experience selling AC hardwired Power Inverters we can tell you first hand the heartache of this occurrence from all parts of this big country.

So what’s the solution?? – you need to make your inverter AC Transfer switch a complete ‘Plug and Go’ system. And in ‘making a better Mouse Trap’ Enerdrive are please to introduce our all New ePOWER Pure Sine Wave Inverters with AC transfer switch using 16amp IEC power plugs for mains in and out. These inverters are available in Two new 12v models at 2000w & 2600w plus the new 2000w/24v model, all with built in serviceable RCD.

Even better still, is that we have now included integral to the inverter the AS/NZ 4763 Australian Compliance required Type ‘A’ RCD Safety switch to protect all outputs while in Inverter mode.

From a service perspective – If you ever need to remove the inverter, the actual customer can now simply pull out the inlet and outlet plug by hand – push them together and their circuit is complete for use while on AC mains powered sites (no AC sparky is required at all, no additional costs involved in servicing).

We at Enerdrive believe that this is possibly the most superior advancement in Pure Sine Wave Power inverters in many years, and puts the ePOWER inverter range at the forefront of the Australian market.