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Inverter Output Waveforms

Output Waveforms

Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave.

The differences between these types of inverter output waveforms are subtle, but significant in the way that they operate certain types of loads.


Modified Sine WaveModified Sine wave Inverters

These units are adequate to power most household appliances and power tools. Generally being less expensive, these units can tend to present certain compromises and incompatibility with some of your loads. Some examples of incompatibility are:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Laser Printers
  • Laptop , mobile phone, portable power tools and camcorder battery packs
  • C-Pap respirator machines
  • Test and measure equipment
  • Televisions and computer screens


True Sine WavePure Sine Wave Inverters

These inverters are the most sophisticated inverters on the market today. They are designed to precisely replicate and even improve on the quality of electricity supplied by utility companies. There is generally no compatibility issues with any appliance run from a pure sine wave power inverter.