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Enerdrive OLED Meters



Enerdrives OLED Voltmeter will monitor the voltage of your battery in real-time.

  • Low power consumption
  • Real-time monitoring of voltage
  • Simple installation
  • Measuring Range: 8-60V
  • Operating Temperature: -40-85°C
  • OLED Voltmeter
  • IP66 Rated
  • High quality, robust, compact
  • Orange OLED display screen

Enerdrives OLED Temperature meter can be used to measure essential equipment temperature. The meter will fit into common accessory sockets mounting holes for easy installation.

The Enerdrive OLED Amp Meter will give you accurate digital readings of your battery.

  • OLED digital display
  • Measures 0 – 100 Amp
  • 12V 24V Application
  • Sealing IP66 Rating
  • Perfect for 4WD, Marine, Caravan
  • Comes with shunt 100A / 75mV


Part Listings and Specifications

Part #Description
EA-OLED-AMPRound OLED DC Amp Meter 0-100A DC IP66
EA-OLED-TEMPRound OLED TEMP Monitor -40-120 DegC IP66
EA-OLED-VOLTRound OLED DC Voltmeter 8-60V DC IP66

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