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EN-BI160-2 Battery Isolator



The ePOWER battery isolators can be used for marine, recreation vehicles or commercial vehicle applications where one or two house batteries are present in addition to a cranking battery. These battery isolators allow charging two or more batteries at the same time from a single charging source, without connecting the batteries together. The Enerdrive battery isolators feature a low voltage drop thanks to the use of high efficiency Schottky diodes: at low current the voltage drop is approximately 0,3 V and at the rated output approximately 0,45 V.


  • Marine installations
  • 4WD’s and Recreation Vehicles
  • Trucks and Commercial Vehicles


EN-BI160-2 Battery Isolator
No. of Batteries2
Max. Alternator Current160A
Max. Charge Current130A
Dimensions LxWxH150mm x 120mm x 60mm

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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