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Common 150A BusBar


Part Listings & Specifications

Part #CoverTerminal ScrewTerminal StudWeight
BS-230110 x #8-322 x 1/4″ -20.15kg
BS-2300Yes10 x #8-322 x 1/4″ -20.17kg
BS-230220 x #8-322 x 1/4″ -20.23kg
BS-2312Yes20 x #8-322 x 1/4″ -20.26kg
BS-23034 x 1/4″ -20.16kg
BS-2307Yes4 x 1/4″ -20.18kg
BS-2715Cover For BusBar BS-2301 and BS-2303
BS-2716Cover For BusBar BS-2302

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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