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After many months of development and testing, Enerdrive are proud to introduce the new ePRO Plus Bluetooth Dongle.

The ePRO Plus Bluetooth dongle (#EN6092230) enables you to control, readout and configure the ePRO PLUS battery monitor from an iOS or Android based mobile phone via Bluetooth.

Its as simple as plugging the dongle into the QLINK port on the ePRO Plus Shunt via the supplied link cable, pairing it with your mobile device, Downloading the App from the App store and away you go.

The ePRO PLUS Mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The App allows you to readout live status information and parameter values. Besides reading live data and configuring the ePRO Plus battery monitor, you can also read Status and History data. Additionally the ePRO Plus Monitor can be renamed by the app and all settings can by locked/unlocked by a pin code.

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Note: Phone is not included in this package.