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In an independent power system, you generally would find an inverter and battery charger system working to the common goal of providing power.

What ties each of these together are the battery cables to supply the power to run to or from the batteries and unfortunately, the most common installation error that will cause voltage problems is to undersize battery cables to load and recharge sources. Always read product recommendations, or check with your supplier to know and understand exactly what size battery cable is required for your products.

As a guide, we have included below Enerdrive’s Cable Size Chart. You can download the Cable Size Chart by clicking here.

Enerdrive's Cable Sizing Selection Table

Location, location, location.

Installation Requirements (temperature, moisture, location to batteries, environment).

The greatest risk to your inverter comes from the choice of location. Be sure that the location is clean from dust and dirt and most importantly is free from moisture. Many products these days have some form of coating on the boards, but these products still need to be mounted in clean and dry locations. As mentioned in the battery cable section, the right size cable is important, but also be sure to mount as close as possible to the batteries but without any risk of corrosive battery gasses reaching the inverter.