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What can I run from my Inverter … Realistically.

My electrician will not install my inverter because there is no earth from the 240 volts AC. Will my RCD’s work, and can the inverter be installed safely?

Unlike mains power, the AC output of a power inverter does not have its neutral bonded to earth. Both the line and the neutral are isolated from earth, the chassis, and from the DC input. As a result of this isolation, the earth cannot become part of a current path returning current back to the output of the Inverter. The only exception to this isolation is the use of a few small EMI-filter capacitors, connected between various parts of the circuitry and the chassis. However the leakage current from live parts to earth caused by those capacitors is below shock hazardous levels and is in compliance with the standards for leakage current, and is below the level that will trip an RCD.

To attempt to rectify this common installation problem, many installers are recommending a Mains Earth Neutral Connection (MEN), which bonds the Neutral to the Earth, thereby nominating the Neutral conductor. We recommend that this modification only be done by qualified installers, and that Enerdrive are informed of all AC output changes.