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Simarine Quadro Shunt Module SCQ25T

Our NSW Rep Westy takes us through some of the viewing features of the Simarine monitoring system via the Simarine App available for use with iOS and Android devices. A Polaris head unit has been installed in our 2019 Hilux Dual Cab which allows for Android Apps to be directly installed on the unit. The head unit is then WIFI linked to the Simarine in the canopy of the vehicle allowing all of the data to be shown in the Cab of the Hilux.


Looking for a highly versatile Digital Shunt Module for monitoring smaller consumers like refrigerator, lights, pumps and/or generators like solar, wind, DC2DC or AC Battery charger?

SCQ25T its an innovative combination of Shunt, Tank interface and Voltage module.

  • 4 x  25A Current Sensors
  • For 12v and 24v Systems

Connection Possibilities;

  • Up To 4 x Consumer Devices
  • Up To 4 x Generators
  • Up to 3 x Voltage Inputs
  • Up to 7 x Resitive Inputs
  • 1 x Relay Input

With Monitoring Possibilities;

  • Up To 3 X Batteries
  • Up To 7 x Tanks
  • Up To 4 x Temperatures

Free SIMARINE Android and iOS Apps:

Simarine offers a free App to connect your PICO display to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The Apps allow you to monitor all battery and tank data, upload history, edit and restore settings and even upgrade the firmware with new features.


ModelSimarine Quadro Shunt Module
SI-SCQ25TQuad Shunt 4 x 25A Circuits Module
Power Source Voltage Range6-35V
Temperature Range-20 - +70°C
Power Consumption at 12V
Current Measuring Channels4
Current measuring range
Per Channel0.01 – 25A
Accuracy± 0.6 %
Sampling Rate100ms
Maximum Currents
Peak Current (<1 min)35A
Peak Current (<5 sec)50A
Voltage Drop at 200 A35mV
Maximum voltage on connections35V
Voltage Inputs
Range0 – 75 V
Accuracy± 0.2 %
Sampling Rate100ms
Resistance Inputs
Range0 Ohm – 65 kOhm
Accuracy± 3.0%
Relay (Monostable)1
Maximum Operating Current1A
Maximum Common Input Voltage (COM)6 – 30 V
ConnectivityUp To
Current Sensors4
Voltage Sensors (voltage drop/tank level)3
Resistive Inputs (tank level/temperature)4
Relay Common Input (COM)1
Relay Output Normally Open (NO)1
Relay Output Normally Closed (NC)1
SiCOM RJ9 Sockets2
Installation and Dimension
Dimensions (length x width x depth)182 x 80 x 32 mm