PPS 12V-1200CA (DSR101)



The battery boosters PROPULSTATION® are equipped with an integrated charging station. It allows maintaining the booster perfectly charged at all time and is available in 2 versions: one for workshops and the second for recovery service vehicles.

They are dedicated for intensive uses in 12V and/or 24V and adapted to garages and recovery services in all sectors: automotive, truck, construction and heavy-duty, public transport, etc. These battery jump starters are equipped with a switch and buzzer in order to increase the security at use.


PPS 12V-1200CA (DSR101)
Cranking Amps1200 A
Peak Amps3100 A
Nr of batteries1
Starting cable length1,55 m
Starting cable diameter50 mm²
Type of clamps850 A
Clamps length215 mm
Clamps opening54 mm
12V Output16 A
Reverse polarity signalOption
Internal fuse300 A
Connector for auxiliary cablesOption
Net weight15,6 kg
Dimensions (cm)45 x 13 x 39
Gross weight16,5 kg
Packing dimensions (cm)45 x 16 x 52