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Lithium Battery Pro Series Installation Kit

This Install Kit is sold as a complete system installation only. Please contact Enerdrive | Dometic for more information.

This Install Kit is sold as a complete system installation only. Please contact Enerdrive | Dometic for more information.

System Description

Enerdrive Lithium Ion Installation Kit Mounted on a Aluminium Power Coated Plate.

Enerdrive | Dometic have designed and created a COMPLETE Battery & Installation System so your Li-ion battery bank is fully protected and designed to give maximum performance and longevity.

The BMS Connection plate is the hub of your lithium power system. To use the Enerdrive Lithium Power Pack you need to use a combination of items together. These are:

  • The actual lithium power pack battery box including Active Balancing System.
  • The Advance BMS controller board which includes
  • The Advance BMS Relay Driver box
  • The ePRO+ is our latest generation, highly advanced battery monitor. It consists of an intelligent active shunt and a remote control and display unit (CDU). The shunt has a Grid Optimised footprint for perfect integration with our DC Modular series of high current busbars and fuse holders. The ePRO+ battery monitor can measure DC currents up to 600Amps (500Amp continuous) and voltages up to 70Vdc. So any lead- or lithium based battery from 12V up to 48V can be monitored.
  • A Blue Sea 500amp main battery latching relay which is activated by the ePRO Plus Battery Monitor when the low state of charge (percentage is reached).
  • A Class T Fuse for system protection.
  • 70 – 120mm² Battery cable (depending on system) from the battery to the Connection Kit.

So what’s so advanced about our Enerdrive Advance BMS Relay Driver?

  • 4 x “TOR” Circuits – Programmed to control the Enerdrive ePOWER AC & DC2DC chargers & Morningstar Solar Controllers (Hi/Low Alarm Protection)
  • 4 x Normally Open/Closed/Common Contacts (10 Amp Max) – Programmed to switch trigger contacts/relays connected to Alternators, Chargers, Solar or DC/AC relays, cabinet cooling fan and Combi Inverter/Charger Units. (Hi/Low Alarm Protection)
  • 1 x Temperature Sensor Input – To Control charging/discharging circuits.
  • 1 x Latching Relay Output – Used to shut down system loads to protect the battery from over discharge

Status LED:

The Advanced BMS Relay Driver is equipped with a “Status” LED indicator to respond to certain conditions that the Relay Driver is experiencing. Status condition is as follows;

  • No Status LED: All Components are operating under normal conditions
  • Flashing Green LED: The system has registered an alarm condition from Inputs 1 or 2 and
    will activate LOW SOC/Low Cell safety program
  • Flashing Red LED: The System has registered an alarm condition via high cell voltage
    (≥3.80V per cell) shutting down all charging circuits. When voltage drops below 3.60V per
    cell, charge circuits will switch back on.
  • Solid Red LED: The System has registered an alarm condition via a high temperature (≥ 45˚C)
    shutting down all charging circuits. When temperature drops below 45˚C, load circuits will
    switch back on.
  • Flashing Red/Blue LED: The System has registered an alarm condition via a high temperature
    (≥ 55˚C, load circuits will switch off.

Temperature Sensor:

The temp sensor input is monitoring temperature via the connected sensor within the surrounding
space of the sensor. The system is programmed to act on pre-determined temperature readings to
control the output circuits. These programmed parameters are;

  • At ≥35°C, activates Output No 4 for controlling connected Cabinet Fan cooling.
  • At ≥45°C, activates TOR Controls 1-4 and Outputs 1-2 to shut down charging sources to protect
    battery from overcharge in extreme heat conditions.
  • At ≥ 55°C, activates Latching Relay to disengage load circuit to protect battery from
    overheating in extreme heat conditions. <55˚C this system will re-engage the latching relay to
    power the application
  • At ≤0°C, activates TOR Controls 1-4 and Outputs 1-2 to shut down charging sources to protect
    battery from charge input in extreme cold conditions.

Active Cell Balancing:

The Enerdrive Lithium battery packs incorporate Active Cell Balancing across the range. The balancing method used is Dynamic Energy Transfer. This allows for automatic balancing of the cells during charging, discharging and storage. Any cells with high voltage density will transfer energy to the lower cells in the pack. This method of cell balancing utilises the energy within the battery pack to balance the cells unlike passive balancing systems which bleed this excess energy off as heat to keep the battery balanced at the top end of the charging cycle, wasting energy already stored within the battery.

The Enerdrive Active Balancing System also incorporates individual cell “Hi -Voltage & Low-Voltage” disconnect feature to interface with the Enerdrive Advanced BMS Driver, switching (off/on) of charging sources & consumer loads. Running Active Cell Balancing allows Enerdrive to parallel and series connect multiple batteries within the system. This offers 12v, 24v, 36v &,48v systems with up to the possibillity of 1500Ah+ capacity.

Low State of charge (SOC%) Relay Cut Out:

The system is designed to disconnect the battery if it has been drained to a pre-set capacity. When the monitor registers the low SOC% or voltage set point, it will disengage the Enerdrive Latching Relay to prevent further discharge and/or damage to the battery.

All this AND a Battery Monitor Supplied:

The ePRO+ Battery Monitor is supplied as part of the installation kit and is pre-programmed by Enerdrive with all of the alarm set points to match the specific installation. The meter will show all of the relative information like Volts, Amps, Amp-hours, Percentage State of Charge & Time to go. It will also record all of the history data of the Lithium Ion, Deepest Discharge, Battery Cycles, Hi/Low Voltage & Amps, All Alarm History Etc. This is a critical part of the Lithium Ion installation kit and a must have for any battery system.

The Installation Kits suit the Power Pack Series Battery Only and are sold as part of complete system setup. Please contact Enerdrive for more details.

Lithium System Diagrams

Lithium Battery System Wiring Diagrams

Click on the thumbnail below to download the Wiring Diagram PDF file.

Enerdrive Lithium Setup – ePOWER Drawing

Enerdrive Lithium Setup – Combi-1600 Drawing

Enerdrive Lithium Setup – Combi-2000-3500 Drawing

Enerdrive Lithium Setup – Combi-2000-3500 24V Drawing