eSYSTEM DIY Installation Kits



Introducing Enerdrives eSYSTEM DIY Installation Kits for 4WD Canopies, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Commercial Work Vehicles and more.

Enerdrive have created many different layouts and dimensional sizes to fit nearly every possible application. Designed for the DIY handyman with basic electrical knowledge through to the professional looking to save installation time. From small systems with AC & DC charging and battery monitoring up to systems with 2000w inverters and individual charge/load monitoring.

The eSYSTEM’s are all pre-wired by Enerdrive where possible to keep the them simple to install. All eSYSTEMS have a full wiring diagram showing each circuit and where to connect your loads, battery and inverter cabling. All items are mounted on a 12mm Black plastic (water & rot resistant) board for simple mounting into the application.

Enerdrive also have you covered from a service and support angle with the eSYSTEM DIY Installation kits. Designed, constructed and pre-wired by Enerdrive, we know exactly the layout and wiring of your kit so any fault finding or support can be given quickly and concisely.

Please be aware that the Enerdrive Flat Battery restart button is only to be used when start system input is 12v only. This button is not suitable for use in 24v starting systems. If you do require restart facilities for a 24v start system please speak to the Enerdrive team. We can modify these systems to be suitable for 24v start systems at an additional cost.

Contact your local Enerdrive dealer for supply and pricing.


ePOWER AC 40Amp 230v Charger******
ePOWER AC 60Amp 230v Charger***
ePOWER DC2DC 40+ Charger (Vehicle/Solar)*********
Morningstar Tristar PWM-45A Solar Controller***
ePRO Plus 500A Battery Monitor
with Remote Display
Simarine Pico LCD WIFI Monitoring Screen****
Simarine SC303 300A Main Battery Shunt ****
Simarine SCQ25T Individual Load/Charge Module ***
Simarine SCQ50 Individual Load/Charge Module *
3 Stud Main Negative Bus Bar*********
40A Low Battery Cutout********
Main System Circuit Breaker 120A******
Main System Circuit Breaker 200A***
Inverter Circuit Breaker 200A*********
Solar Input Positive Circuit Breaker 40A******
Solar Input Positive Circuit Breaker 60A*******
ePOWER DC2DC 60A Output Fuse Connection*********
ePOWER AC Charger 50A Output Fuse Connection******
ePOWER AC Charger 70A Output Fuse Connection***
1 x 30A Load Output Fuse Connections**
2 x 30A Load Output Fuse Connections****
50A Load Output Fuse Connection**
24hr Critical Load 4 Circuit "Wedge" Fuse Block***
24hr Critical Load 8 Circuit "Wedge" Fuse Block*
Main 6 Circuit "Wedge" Fuse Block
with Negative Bus and Cover
Main 12 Circuit "Wedge" Fuse Block
with Negative Bus and Cover
ePOWER 2000W AC Transfer Inverter**
Battery Restart Switch (Lithium Batteries)*****
12mm Black Plastic Mounting Board.
Water & Rot Resistance
175A Anderson Plug (Inverter)*
50A Anderson Plug (Solar Input)*
50A Anderson Plug (Vehicle Input)*
Dimensions1185L x 380W x 130Dmm600L x 490W x 100Dmm600L x 490W x 100Dmm1185L x 380W x 130Dmm790L x 380W x 100Dmm1195L x 380W x 111Dmm1195L x 380W x 111Dmm920L x 380W x 111Dmm580L x 580W x 100Dmm
(*) Indicates Standard Fitment