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Balmar Max Charge Regulators

MC-614, MC-618 & MC-624


Premium 12-volt and 24-volt Max Charge multistage voltage regulators provide the ultimate in charging safety and control. Selectable preset programs for standard and deep-cycle flooded, gel, AGM, spiral wound (Optima) batteries, as well as systems requiring voltage sensitivity for halogen fixtures. Can be used to control dual alternators on a single engine, or on twin engines when used with the Centerfielder.

Regulators include: Stator/tach outputs, dash lamp and Aux. lamp terminals, Amp Manager mode, small engine mode, programming tool, dual battery temperature sensor terminals, alternator temperature sensor terminal. (Temperature sensing requires optional sensors)

For use on P-type alternators. MC-614-H, MC-618-H and MC-624-H models include 54″ harness. Limited one year warranty.


  • 12-Volt and 24-volt regulator models
  • 8 Selectable Programs for Marine Batteries (including LiFePO4)
  • Advanced programming control
  • Easy-to-read 3-digit LED display
  • Alternator temperature sensing*
  • Battery temperature sensing*
  • Exclusive Belt Load Manager Function
  • Up to 15 Amp Maximum Field Current
  • Short and long display modes
  • Equalization mode

MC-618 Voltage Regulator
Announcing Integration with the SG200 Battery Monitor

  • Monitor Alternator/Regulator Activity from the SG200
  • Setup Regulator from 2″ Color Display or the Smartphone App
  • Advanced Programming from the Smartphone App
  • All the Same Regulation Features as the MC-614
  • New Carbon Foam AGM Battery Profile
  • Improved High Temperature Alternator Control
  • Protects Lithium Batteries below Freezing Temperatures

Balmar has upgraded its legendary MC-614 Voltage Regulator to communicate with the SG200 Battery Monitor!  Now you can see how the New MC-618 Regulator is directing your alternator charging activity from either the SG200 2″ Color Display and/or the optional Bluetooth® Smartphone App.  Basic setup functions can be accomplished from the SG200 Color Display, Smartphone App or the traditional on-regulator programming tool.  Advanced Programming functions are available and easily configured from the Bluetooth® Smartphone App.

Monitor your Alternator’s Performance with Real-Time Data

  • Charging Stage
  • Compare Actual Voltage against Target Voltage
  • Monitor Field Output Percentage
  • Set Maximum Field Percentage

Add the Optional Bluetooth® Gateway to Enable Advanced Programming

  • Configure ALL Regulator Parameters
  • Save and Recall Regulator Programs
  • Monitor Regulator Performance from your Smartphone
  • Collect and Share Diagnostic Information


B-MC618-HRegulator, MC618 Multi-Stage, 12v, w/o Harness
B-MC624-HCRegulator, MC624 Multi-Stage, 24v, w/Harness