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A-Series Rocker Circuit Breakers

Part Listings

Part #Rocker ActuatorDC AmpsAC Amps
Single Pole
BS-7400Flat5A DC5A AC
BS-7425Restricted-OFF5A DC5A AC
BS-7401Flat8A DC8A AC
BS-7402Flat10A DC10A AC
BS-7427Restricted-OFF10A DC10A AC
BS-7403Flat15A DC15A AC
BS-7428Restricted-OFF15A DC15A AC
BS-7404Flat20A DC20A AC
BS-7429Restricted-OFF20A DC20A AC
BS-7405Flat25A DC25A AC
BS-7430Restricted-OFF25A DC25A AC
BS-7406Flat30A DC30A AC
BS-7407Flat40A DC40A AC
BS-7408Flat50A DC50A AC
BS-7433Restricted-OFF50A DC50A AC
Double Pole
BS-7410Flat10A DC10A AC
BS-7411Flat15A DC15A AC
BS-7412Flat16A DC16A AC
BS-7413Flat20A DC20A AC
BS-7574Raised30A DC30A AC
BS-7414Flat30A DC30A AC
BS-7575Raised32A DC32A AC
BS-7415Flat32A DC32A AC
BS-7416Flat40A DC40A AC
BS-7577Raised50A DC50A AC
BS-7417Flat50A DC50A AC


A-Series Rocker Circuit Breakers
Maximum Voltage250V AC
32V DC
Circuit Breaker TypeMagnetic Hydraulic – trip free
Interrupt Capacity3000A @ 125V AC
1500A @ 250V AC
5000A @ 32V DC
Minimum Operating Temp-40° C
Maximum Operating Temp85° C
Switching Cycles10000
Mounting Screw#6-32 Stainless Steel
Mounting Screw Torque6 in-lb (0.68 Nm)
Screw Terminal Torque14 in-lb (1.58 Nm)
Terminal Screw#10-32 Stainless Steel
Weight0.01 kg

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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