4WD Canopy Systems



With Enerdrive breaking into the 4WD canopy market in recent years, we have been consistently asked by manufactures and end users to come up with a compact power solution to operate all of the electrical equipment that is ending up in the back of these canopies. From a simple system to operate a fridge and a couple of lights to a full on power station, these are the type of systems we have been asked for.

After many brainstorming sessions and 3D modelling designs, Enerdrive have produced 3 models to cover just about any customer request for power in their canopies.

Introducing Enerdrives new canopy range, “The Explorer” “The Traveller” & “The Adventurer”.

Let’s introduce these units from the baby of the family up to the big brother.

The Explorer:

This system is designed for the end user only requiring a minimum power option in a neat package. The Explorer consists of the following items

  • Enerdrive ePOWER DC2DC40+ Vehicle/Solar Charger
  • 1 x ePRO Plus Battery Monitor
  • 4x Pre-wired Circuit Breakers for main power equipment
  • 4 x Contura switches for Lights & Auxiliary loads
  • Pre-wired Battery & Fridge Anderson Plugs (Explorer & Traveller only)
  • Your choice of Twin USB 2.4A Hi Amp sockets to charge your mobile devices or mix it up with a 12v Output Socket
  • Battery Reset button for kick starting your flat battery from the DC2DC Charger

 The Traveller:

This system is designed for the end user requiring a higher level of power requirements along with AC charging ability. In addition to the Explorer, The Traveller consists of the following extra items;

  • Enerdrive ePOWER 40A AC charger
  • Simarine LCD Battery WIFI Monitoring System with option to incorporate individual load/charge information (Optional Water/Fuel Tank module also available)
  • Option to replace the Simarine with the ePRO Plus Battery Monitor.

The Adventurer:

This system is designed for the end user requiring maximum power requirements along with AC charging ability and 230v Inverter power.  In addition to the Explorer & Traveller, The Adventurer consists of the following extra items;

  • Enerdrive ePOWER 2000W AC Transfer Inverter
  • 4 x additional Circuits Breakers for Air/Water Pumps and more
  • Main System & Inverter Hi-Amp Circuit Breakers

All systems are pre-wired by Enerdrive where possible so the only cabling required at installation time is load outputs, battery connection, & vehicle/solar/tank inputs

All systems are built into a unique compact box arrangement and designed to mount on either the front or rear bulkheads of the vehicles canopy. The systems are available in either passenger side or drivers side installation. Any brand of battery is suitable from Wet Sealed, AGM, Gel and Lithium.

If you are interested in having custom engraving for switch/circuit breakers to your specific requirements, this option is available at an additional cost.

Enerdrive are proud to bring to market this innovative design that can be installed by the canopy manufacturer or end user in a neat one piece installation.


Items IncludedThe ExplorerThe TravellerThe Adventurer
ePOWER DC2DC 40+ Charger (Vehicle/Solar)***
ePRO Plus Battery Monitor*OptionalOptional
Simarine LCD Battery WIFI Monitoring SystemOptional*
(Option to replace with ePRO Plus Monitor)
(Option to replace with ePRO Plus Monitor)
4x Pre-Wired Circuit Breakers for Main Power Equipment***
4 x Additional Circuit BreakersN/AN/A*
4 x Contura Switches***
Pre-Wired Battery & Fridge Anderson Plugs**N/A
Twin USB 2.4A Hi Amp Sockets***
Cig Socket to Replace One or Both USB Sockets
(Please Request at Time of Order)
Battery Reset Button***
ePOWER 40A AC ChargerN/A**
ePOWER 2000W AC Transfer InverterN/AN/A*
Main System & Inverter Circuit BreakersN/AN/A*
Individual Load/Charge Module for Simarine
Water/Fuel Tank Module for Simarine
Dimensions440L x 155W x 330Hmm685L x 155W x 330Hmm630L x 155W x 665Hmm
(*) Indicates Standard Fitment