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Go further with a Lithium Battery System

Lithium Based Battery Systems are fast becoming the preferred replacement for Lead Acid Battery systems. In applications where weight is everything like caravans, camper trailers, motor homes & 4WD’s, lithium batteries are among the lightest options available. Enerdrive has designed our Pro Series compact and slim case lithium battery range that allows for easy installation and access for maintenance.


Enerdrive Lithium Batteries

Enerdrive has a range of lithium battery kits to suit nearly every application. Enerdrive’s Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) is the safest of the mainstream li-ion battery types. The nominal voltage of each cell is 3,2V. A 12,8V Enerdrive battery therefore consists of 4 cells connected in series. All Enerdrive Pro Series Lithium Iron battery systems contain an external (BMS) and are available with the following models:

  • 200Ah (Compact, Slim or Commercial Case)
  • 300Ah (Compact, Slim or Commercial Case)
  • 400Ah (Slim, Commercial Case)

Enerdrive has designed a complete lithium battery system so your yacht, caravan or motor home’s lithium battery bank is fully protected and engineered to give maximum performance and battery life.

We only use Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.

Protection for your whole system

Enerdrive’s Advanced BMS Relay Driver

The Enerdrive Advanced BMS Relay Driver is the heart of the Pro Series system. This unit accepts signals from the Active Balancing and monitoring systems and controls all charging and discharging sources and protects the lithium battery from going outside its safe voltage and capacity range.

Enerdrive’s Active Cell Balancing

Cell balancing is designed to equalise the charge on every cell in the pack and prevent individual cells from becoming over stressed thus prolonging the life of the battery.

The Enerdrive Pro Series Lithium battery packs incorporate Active Cell Balancing across the range. The balancing method used is Dynamic Energy Transfer. This allows for automatic balancing of the cells during charging, discharging and storage. Any cells with higher voltage density will transfer energy to the lower cells in the pack. This method of cell balancing utilises the energy within the battery pack to balance the cells unlike passive balancing systems which bleed this excess energy off as heat to keep the battery balanced at the top end of the charging cycle, wasting energy already stored within the battery.

The Enerdrive Active Balancing System also incorporates individual cell “Hi -Voltage & Low-Voltage” disconnect feature to interface with the Enerdrive Advanced BMS Driver, switching (off/on) of charging sources & consumer loads.

Running Active Cell Balancing allows Enerdrive to parallel and series connect multiple batteries within the system. This offers 12v, 24v, 36v &,48v systems with up to the possibility of 1500Ah+ capacity.

 Slim & Compact For Easy Installation

Enerdrive lithium battery systems are compact by design.

Our lithium Pro Series battery systems can be installed neatly and professionally due to the compact battery case design. We have trimmed down our 200Ah & 300Ah batteries so you can get more power into tighter spaces.

Ideal for new battery system installations or replacement of old technology in caravans and motor homes. Ask one of our Authorised Dealers today about installing a Enerdrive lithium battery system.