Grey Imports


Items not purchased through Authorised Enerdrive Local Dealers are referred to as “Grey”, “Grey Imported” or “Grey Imports”. Products purchased through the Grey market are usually sold on the internet where is is difficult, if not impossible in some cases, for the purchaser to inspect the item prior to sale. However there are some Authorised Enerdrive Dealers that are covered by our warranty and sell our products online.

Enerdrive receive a number of inquiries each year from those who have purchased there items through the ‘grey market‘ and have experienced problems due to the many unknown standards of storage, transport and delivery associated with grey market practices. Some products have even been found to be refurbished items sold as new. Product that are purchased on the grey market or not through our Authorised Enerdrive Dealers are not covered by our 1 year or 2 year warranty, and we cannot provide technical support to purchasers of these products.

Apart from the functionality and specifications of the item you are purchasing, another deciding factor of course is price. Grey market products are relatively cheaper when compared to the products that Authorised Enerdrive Dealers can supply but inherit the following disadvantages.

  1. Grey items are not covered by any of Enerdrives warranties
  2. Grey items may not meet mandatory Australian safety standards and certification codes or may have been mishandled during shipping or storage and therefore may malfunction.
  3. Grey items may not be eligible to receive full technical support as the warranty is only valid in the country where the product was purchased.
  4. Some grey import distributors may lack the knowledge to supply reliable technical support
  5. The user manual may be printed in another language other than English
  6. User manuals are often poor photocopies of original manuals

Advantages of purchasing Enerdrive products through Authorised Enerdrive Dealers

  1. Our products are covered by a 2+3 year warranty
  2. Our products comply with Australian Standards
  3. Full technical service and advise is provided at your local Authorised Enerdrive Dealers
  4. Manuals supplied in the packaging are in English

Contacting us

We are a real company, with real people providing real service and support.  We are not a faceless, voiceless online store and if you are having real troubles please do not hesitate coming to say hello at our real address.

If you have any questions about our Grey Import Policy, please contact us at:
Enerdrive Pty Ltd
11 Millennium Place, Tingalpa Queensland, Australia, 4173
Phone: 1300 851 535

This document was last updated on March 23, 2020